Orthodox priest may become a voice of the country

13.02.2017, 10:08
Orthodox priest may become a voice of the country - фото 1

170213_1.jpgArchpriest Oleksandr Klimenko of the UOC impressed all four judges of the contest “Voice of the country 7” with his singing. During the blind auditions Fr. Oleksandr Klimenko has performed a song by Mykola Mozhovyi “Mother's Love” and by the power of his voice has made all the four coaches rotate their chairs to see him.

Answering Jamala’s question about the attitude of the Church to his participation in this show Fr Oleksandr said: “If the image of a priest on stage will inspire someone to pray – it is great. Chesterton, a famous writer of the twentieth century, said that entertainment is in human power, but the real joy is in the power of God. I will try to participate in things that bring authentic joy and withhold where there is just entertainment.”

Behind the scenes of the “Voice of the country 7,” Archpriest of the UOC, Fr Oleksandr Klimenko told why he actually came to the singing show and why it was important for him that only one coach rotates to see him.

According to the priest, every song is a small sermon for him. “He was afraid that already two will turn faces on him. He would like only one to rotate. It would be a little easier for my pride,” says the priest.

According to Fr. Oleksandr Klimenko, he did not set a goal to motivate anyone to come to church anywhere. He just wants to be a reminder that there is another world - the world of a soul.

“It is important that the music inspired people to change, that the words coming out of my mouth, made it impossible for people exit the hall a little different from what they were before,” says Fr. Oleksandr.

But the hardest thing for a priest was to choose a star coach. Oleksandr Klimenko made a choice in favor of Tina Karol
“I have chosen the one that will give me a vocal training and give professional advice. It will be useful during the service, and this is the most important thing,” says the priest.

One of the judges, Serhiy Babkin, does not exclude that the priest may be the winner of this contest.