Patriarch Kirill plans to visit Crimea

26.01.2022, 15:45
Patriarch Kirill plans to visit Crimea - фото 1
Patriarch Kirill (Gundyaev) may visit Crimea in February.

This is reported by Portal-Credo.

From the point of view of Ukrainian legislation, such a trip can be qualified as an illegal border crossing.

Patriarch Kirill intends to consecrate the central altar of the Cathedral of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky in Simferopol, the restoration of which was carried out under the patronage of Vladimir Putin.

The main Orthodox Church of the Crimean capital was recreated in the image and likeness of its historical predecessor – the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, founded in 1823. The idea of building a cathedral church in Simferopol belongs to Catherine II, but the death of the Empress delayed construction. The church was blown up by the Soviet authorities on the night of September 26-27, 1930. In its place, the construction of a new church was started in 2003. The work was completed after the events of 2014.

As previously reported, in November, Putin presented Kirill with the highest state award of the Russian Federation – the order of St. Andrew the First-Called.