Renowned Russian theologian explained what the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) is

15.11.2023, 08:45
Renowned Russian theologian explained what the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) is - фото 1
The Russian Orthodox Church is a culture of dreadful flattery, violence, and political debauchery.

Theologian Andrey Kuraev, who left Russia and was stripped of his rank as protodeacon by the decision of Patriarch Kirill in April, told this in an interview at the TV-Show 'Mozhem Ob'yasnyt’ (We Can Explain). This was reported by 'Glavkom.'

"Orthodoxy is not just a tradition of writing icons in the style of Andrei Rublev or the monasticism of St Seraphim of Sarov. Orthodoxy is a culture of terrible political flattery, a culture of bribery. It's a culture of sacred hatred, sacred violence, and political debauchery. If you want to know what political debauchery is, find the Facebook page of the Baku Azerbaijani diocese of the ROC. There, you will encounter a lot of sharp impressions when you learn about the terrible atrocities that Armenians committed in the lands of holy Azerbaijan and the megatons of honey poured onto the Aliyev family," noted Kurayev.

"Belonging to it also provides immunity to investigative locators and actions. But if the Patriarchy removes protection from a person, it may mean an order to work and 'take' (violate a case – ed.)," said Kurayev.

According to the theologian, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's attitude towards religion is utilitarian. Specifically, religion allows him to convince Russians that missile strikes on Ukraine 'bring peace.'

"It is necessary to persuade people, normalize something unnatural to them – war against a brotherly nation. Every resident of Russia has relatives on the other side of the front. Arguments need to be found to convince them that our missiles bring them peace. Here, there is a need for over-motivation to go beyond ordinary ethics. Religion provides such over-motivation that allows nullifying ordinary ethical imperatives," said the protodeacon.

Instead, the theologian is convinced that the ROC will not repent for Putin's sins, and the Orthodox world 'missed its opportunity for reformation.'

"There will be just migration, internal migration, departure from Orthodoxy, transition to other religious forms, to neopaganism, to Islam, simply to disbelief. And those who stay – well, they must like it," explained the clergyman.

As previously stated, the head of the ROC, Patriarch Kirill, deprived Protodeacon Andrey Kuraev of his rank, who repeatedly criticized the war against Ukraine, Russian authorities, and the leadership of the ROC."