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RISU's competition on religious local tourism has new partners

04.10.2011, 09:44
The project Tourist Marks was instituted in Ukraine in 2007 to popularize local tourism.

A public project Tourist Marks and tourist operator Vidvidai became partners of the competition of religious regional knowledge materials Our Sacral Ukraine, which is conducted by RISU this year for the third time.

The project Tourist Marks (TM) was instituted in Ukraine in 2007 to popularize local tourism. As of that time, it already won the hearts of about a dozen central and western European countries. TM is a kind of a wooden coin with an image of a certain tourist attraction, architectural, historic or natural monument. It can be a castle, monastery, hill, museum, monument, cave, etc. TM is different from an ordinary souvenir as it serves as a trophy, a proof that the traveler visited the site for it is impossible to buy it anywhere else. For instance, a TM of the Church of St. Yur in Drohobych can be bought only in that museum church.

Each TM has a number, and collectively they constitute a system of a few hundred tourist mark sites all over the country. Travelers collect the marks and automatically participate in a collecting game. Today, there are over 200 such sites in Ukraine, and in the future the system will cover all tourist sites.

Tourist Marks offers interesting and useful presents for the winner and finalists of our competition.

The tourist operator Vidvidai has a reputation as being the best organizer of weekend tours. The operator’s main principles include popularization of internal tourism as an element of patriotism, discovering unknown pearls of the land, studying Ukrainian history at the sites.

The operator offers today about a hundred routes, walks, organization of exclusive and corporate events.

Vidvidai offers to the winner of the RISU competition a free one-day tour for two persons (one can choose one at operator's website.)

RISU also prepares presents for the winner and three finalists of the competition. They will also receive an offer to become permanent co-creators of the portal Religious Tourism.

The other partner of the competition is the Main Department of Internal Policy, Nationalities and Religions of the Lviv Regional State Administration, which will give a distinction to the best piece about the Lviv region.

Let us remind the readers that the Our Sacral Ukraine Competition will be conducted till the end of October. The organizers invite journalists, regional experts, travelers, art critics and other persons interested in the subject who have a gift for describing what they see.

Interested persons can send us their materials (articles, photo reportages) presenting interesting sacral monuments, museum collections, religious history of settlements and lands, etc.

For a detailed information about the project please visit www.turystycni-marky.com.ua.

For a detailed information about the competition please click on this link.