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Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine thank the Church of Poland for their support

03.12.2022, 16:00
Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine thank the Church of Poland for their support - фото 1
The Catholic Church in Poland will celebrate the day of prayer and material assistance for the Church in the East on December 4. This year it will be dedicated to Ukraine. In connection with this day, the bishops who participated in the meeting of the conference of the episcopate of Ukraine sent a letter to the entire Catholic Church in Poland.

This is reported by the official website of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine.

"We thank the Church in Poland for the brotherly love shown during these more than 30 years of freedom of the Church in Ukraine. This gratitude is the first thing that we, as the episcopate of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine, want to say today to the Poles, who, not being the richest in the world, were able to share with even poorer ones," the bishops from Ukraine claim.

In the letter, they thank first of all for the support that the poles provide on February 24 of this year, since the beginning of a full-scale war.

"We are deeply moved by your continued kindness, solidarity and very concrete help. This attitude is a manifestation of living faith," the letter reads. The appeal also includes a request for financial support.

"Our request to the Church in Poland is a concern for survival," they admit. "Thank you again for the gift of prayer and financial assistance with which you support us on the second Sunday of Advent," they add, assuring prayers for people of good will.

"We understand that it is also not easy for you. But think of your brothers and sisters in the faith who are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe related to the destruction of energy infrastructure and, as a result, fear of the coming winter," the letter says.

According to the bishops, the residents of Ukraine do not have enough electricity, in particular, as a result of which there is not enough heat and water. Throughout Ukraine, it can only be used 4 hours a day. There are also places where it doesn't exist all day.

"An enemy is approaching us, whose name is cold, paralysis of communication and fear. Today, war is not only a front where battles are fought that bring death and injury to soldiers and civilians but also paralysis of everyday life," the letter says.

Referring to the motto of the current day of prayer and help to the Church in the East: "Sent in the peace of Christ", Ukrainian bishops emphasize that in the conditions of the war that continues in Ukraine, this is for them a light of hope, and at the same time pride in the attitude of Poles.

"Together with the entire community of the Church in Ukraine, we thank you and ask you to remember us in the future. May your wistful memory manifest itself in prayers for the imminent end of the war and the coming of peace, but also in what we humbly ask for – in sacrifices and material gifts."