The fourth bishop of the UGCC New Westminster Eparchy enthroned in Vancouver

20.11.2023, 10:31
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The fourth bishop of the UGCC New Westminster Eparchy enthroned in Vancouver - фото 1
On November 18, 2023, witnessed the enthronement of the fourth bishop of the New Westminster Eparchy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Bishop Mykhailo Kviatkivskyi. The ceremony took place at the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral in Vancouver, Canada.

The information was reported by the Information Department of the UGCC.

Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Lawrence Huculak installed the new bishop for the Ukrainians in the provinces of British Columbia and Yukon in Western Canada. Bishops of the UGCC from across Canada and the United States attended the enthronement.

The fourth bishop of the UGCC New Westminster Eparchy enthroned in Vancouver - фото 125255

The head of the UGCC, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, addressed the new ruling bishop of the New Westminster Eparchy in a welcome letter.

"This event, eagerly anticipated by priests, consecrated persons, and laypeople, is a sign of great divine blessing for our entire Church, as in your person, the Lord Himself, our Jesus Christ, leans over our faithful to serve each of them," noted His Beatitude Sviatoslav, extending greetings and assurances of prayer on behalf of the entire Synod.

Until the moment of the enthronement of the new bishop of the New Westminster Eparchy, established in 1974, the spiritual care was under the guidance of Bishop David Motiuk, the Eparch of Edmonton. The Head of the UGCC thanked him for his service.

"Today, dear Bishop Mykhailo," continued the Primate, "you lead one of the youngest eparchies in North America, which stretches thousands of kilometers and is surrounded by the waters of two oceans—the Pacific and the Arctic. Our faithful live in this territory, and, having heard the word of God's Gospel at the right time, remain faithful to Him."

With gratitude, the Head of the Church recalled the previous bishops of the New Westminster Eparchy: Bishop Yeronim Chimy, Bishop Severian Yakymyshyn, and Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski. By God's grace, noted the Patriarch, it is to Bishop Mykhailo Kviatkivskyi that, along with the priests and faithful, the honor falls to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the eparchy's founding in 2024.

In his hierarchical ministry, His Beatitude Sviatoslav urged Bishop Mykhailo to pay special attention to the needs of Ukrainian refugees—women and children who found themselves in the New Westminster Eparchy due to the war: "Dear bishop, you have worked in Ukraine for a long time and are familiar with the customs and needs of its residents—make every effort to envelop them with the paternal love and care of the Mother Church."

It is worth noting that the episcopal ordination of Bishop Mykhailo Kviatkivskyi took place on November 8, 2023, at the Saints Volodymyr and Olha Cathedral in Winnipeg, Canada. His appointment as bishop of the New Westminster Eparchy was announced in the Vatican on August 24 this year.