The global ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance gets acquainted with the AUCCRO activities

26.11.2021, 09:21
The global ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance gets acquainted with the AUCCRO activities - фото 1
Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations Hryhoriy Komandant met with the global ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance Brian Stiller on November 22.

The WEA ambassador spoke about the main milestones in the 175-year history of the Alliance. He also reported on the current state of the platform, which has more than 650 million evangelical believers in 143 countries, which unites about 25% of the world's Christian population. This is reported by the official website of the AUCCRO.

Hryhoriy Komandant introduced the guest to the history of the AUCCRO and current projects in the development of state-church relations and lawmaking, spoke about the long-term experience of interfaith dialogue in Ukraine and the principle of consensus of the Council of Churches. The chairman of the AUCCRO also mentioned initiatives to protect life, marriage and family, prevent domestic violence, promote justice and the rule of law, protect the environment, develop chaplaincy in various fields, and so on.

"I have never seen such a great collaboration for the common good anywhere in the world! When I first learned about your advice this summer, I have since shown other people how, by preserving our way of worship and witnessing, we can find ways to coexist honestly at the national level," said WEA ambassador Brian Stiller.

The meeting was also attended by Secretary-General of the Ukrainian Bible Society Alexander Babiychuk and a member of the AUCCRO Secretariat Yuriy Kulakevych.

The program of the visit of the Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance, who was in Ukraine for several days, included meetings with clergy and government representatives, media interviews, participation in divine services and cultural events.