The Head of the UGCC urges everyone to come to the churches next Sunday with food for the poor

09.11.2020, 08:48
The Head of the UGCC urges everyone to come to the churches next Sunday with food for the poor - фото 1
By giving alms, we receive more than we give. By giving alms, we really cover many of our own sins. By giving alms, we take God's hand, which He extends to us today. This was stated by the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, during a sermon to the faithful, calling on them to feed the poor next Sunday.

The Primate of the UGCC announced that next Sunday, at the call of Pope Francis, our Church will experience a special day - the Day of the Poor. “That is why today I call on all the faithful to reach out to those who need help. We will start a campaign called "Feeding the poor." Next Sunday in all our parishes around the world we will bring food to the churches to feed the poor.”

The preacher noted that people often live in a world of illusions and at the same time in great calamity and great needs ... “How we really need to recognize the time of God's visitation, as Jesus Christ says! How important it is for us not to miss the moment when the living God comes to us here on this earth! How important it is for us to recognize the saving hand of God that is extended to us today! That is why the Holy Father today draws our attention to the rejected, the forgotten, the despised by modern society,” the Head of the Church said.

He recalled the words of Pope Francis, who says that it is through the poor today that the Lord God extends his hand to our society, to modern man.

"May God's word about Lazarus and his hand be a guide in modern life," His Beatitude Sviatoslav wished, "because we so need the Lord God to help us survive the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic." Today, humanity is crying and sobbing under its burden, because no one knows for sure how to protect themselves from it. But in order to accept God's help, we must feed the poor, emphasized the spiritual leader of Ukrainians.