The OCU predicts another large-scale wave of transitions from the UOC-MP

16 October, 12:31
The OCU predicts another large-scale wave of transitions from the UOC-MP - фото 1
“Such historical events that take place in the life of the OCU, for example, the historical visit of the Ecumenical Patriarch, affect people. In communities, a majority is created that unites and makes decisions. And there will be the next wave of transitions, a large-scale wave. But it takes time,” Metropolitan Epifaniy said in an interview for the DetectorUA YouTube channel.

This is reported by Religiyna Pravda.

The transition from the UOC-MP to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, according to the Metropolitan, is hindered by local authorities, which slows down the registration of charters.

“There has been a change of power, and very often there is no assistance on the ground, even charters are not registered. Take the Kyiv region. Since the arrival of the new government, not a single charter has been re-registered. There have been charters for re-registration of those parishes that have moved for almost two years, but there are no re-registrations. They do not explain anything, they find legal clues to refuse,” the Primate of the OCU noted.

He said that priests of the UOC-MP come to him, who are ready to move but are afraid of opposition.

“They say they want everything to happen peacefully. They are afraid that they will be sent those guys who will break down the doors in the church, they are afraid of the courts, etc.,” the Metropolitan says.