"No bunker can shelter you from God's response. We will restore the cathedral and remove all traces of war," - President Zelensky

03.03.2022, 12:03
"No bunker can shelter you from God's response. We will restore the cathedral and remove all traces of war," - President Zelensky - фото 1
They wanted to destroy Ukraine so many times and failed - address by President Volodymyr Zelensky

"Russia's missile and bomb strikes at Ukrainian cities are a confession that they could not do anything significant on land. All lines of our defense are preserved. The enemy has no success in any of the strategic directions. They are demoralized. They are doomed. Kyiv survived this night and withstood another missile and bomb strike. Our air defense worked. Kherson, Izyum, all other cities where the invaders carried out strikes from the air, did not give up anything. Chernihiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv hold the line. Odesa. They also want to destroy Odesa. But they will see only the bottom of the Black Sea. The target of Russia was the Assumption Cathedral in Kharkiv. One of the oldest Orthodox monuments of the city, monuments of Ukraine. During the war, the cathedral is a shelter for Kharkiv residents. Shelter for all people: believers and non-believers. For everyone, because everyone is equal. Holy place. Now it is damaged by war. They are not afraid of even that! They enjoy the fact that God does not give an instant rebuff. But he sees. And he answers. Answers so that you cannot hide. There is no such bunker to survive God's response. And we will restore the cathedral so that no trace of war remains there. And even if you destroy all our cathedrals and churches, you will not destroy our sincere faith in God, in Ukraine. Faith in people. We will restore every house, every street, every city. And we say to Russia: learn the words "reparations" and "contributions". You will repay everything you did against Ukraine. In full. And we will not forget those who perished, and God won’t...

You have come to destroy our cities. Destroy our people. Take away from us everything that is dear to us. You cut off electricity, water and heating to civilians in Ukraine. You leave people without food and medicine. You are shelling routes of possible evacuation. There is no weapon that you would not use against us, against the free citizens of Ukraine. And now you are telling your propagandists that you are going to send so-called humanitarian columns to Ukraine... Remember, godless men: when millions of people curse you, you have nothing to save yourself.

We have survived in our history and on our land two world wars, three Holodomors, the Holocaust, Babyn Yar, the Great Terror, the Chornobyl explosion, the occupation of Crimea and the war in the east. We do not have a huge territory - from ocean to ocean, we do not have nuclear weapons, we do not fill the world market with oil and gas. But we have our people and our land. And for us - it's gold. That is what we are fighting for. We have nothing to lose but our own freedom and dignity. For us, this is the greatest treasure. They wanted to destroy us so many times. They failed. They wanted to wipe us off the face of the earth. They failed. They backstabbed us. And we are on our feet. They wanted us to be silent. But the whole world heard us. We've been through so much! And if someone thinks that, having overcome all this, Ukrainians - all of us - are scared, broken or will surrender, he knows nothing about Ukraine. And he has nothing to do in Ukraine. Go home. To your home. Protect Russian-speaking people. Not all over the world. In your country. There are almost 150 million of them. And here Glory to Ukraine!", said the President.