UGCC clergymen to serve in bomb shelters

27.02.2022, 11:10
UGCC clergymen to serve in bomb shelters - фото 1
Due to the life threat and the curfew imposed in Kyiv, the faithful are unable to attend services in churches. Therefore, the clergy of the UGCC will celebrate liturgies in dungeons and bomb shelters.

This was stated today in a special address from Kyiv by the Patriarch of the UGCC, according to the UGCC Information Department.

"But this Sunday, Kyiv residents will be unable to go to church, because a curfew has been imposed and everyone must be at home because of the threat to life. But then the church will come to the people herself. Our priests will descend into the dungeons, descend into bomb shelters and celebrate Divine Liturgies there," the head of the UGCC said.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav expressed his sincere gratitude to all those who defend Ukraine in different ways. We see that all public services, in particular in Kyiv, work at a high level.

"We once doubted whether our institutions were strong. We see that our state has passed and is still passing the test of strength," he said.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav thanks our soldiers, as well as the Emergency Service of Ukraine, who are now removing the wounded from the rubble, our medics who saved hundreds of lives during this night, and our firefighters who extinguished hundreds of fires throughout Ukraine.

The Patriarch also thanked all those who each work in their own way to win.

"I want to appeal to our people in the settlements, our brothers and sisters in different countries of the world. I thank you for empathizing with us. Thank you to our bishops from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, North America, and Western Europe, who have organized great popular solidarity among the countries where you live with our Ukrainian people. Thank you to all those who today are trying to tell the world the truth about Ukraine, collect humanitarian aid, medicines or just pray for the help of Ukraine," he said.