"We are proud of you and lend you our prayerful support,” - Patriarch of the UGCC, addressing Ukrainian soldiers

05.08.2022, 12:03
"We are proud of you and lend you our prayerful support,” - Patriarch  of the UGCC, addressing Ukrainian soldiers - фото 1
Your victim today is destroying the unholy plans of the occupiers and the powerful of this world who support or justify them. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, His Beatitude Sviatoslav, in his daily military address on the 162nd day of the war against the Russian occupier, killing Ukrainian people and destroying the Ukrainian land and the Ukrainian state.

Patriarch Sviatoslav's words were shared by the UGCC Information Department.

"In just one day, Russia fired 8 cruise missiles at Ukraine for a total of USD 100,000,000. We see how it is becoming increasingly difficult for the occupiers to explain why this senseless war is being waged. We see how much money the aggressor invests in destruction, destruction, and death. Instead of developing their patriotism by investing in the welfare and better life of Russians, they cause great harm, resentment, and destruction to everyone: both the Russians in Russia and the Ukrainian people," the first hierarch said.

The occupier invests in death, His Beatitude Sviatoslav stressed, but Ukraine is fighting and dying for life. And so we say: Ukraine stands! Ukraine is fighting! Ukraine is praying!

"Today, I would like to appeal to our soldiers, sons and daughters of the Ukrainian people, who are forced to repel the relentless attacks of the unjust aggressor and occupier with weapons in their hands. I want to tell you, our dear soldiers, volunteers, and territorial defense fighters, that we are proud of you and pray for you. We are proud of your courage, bravery, and wisdom in confronting an enemy who is numerically superior. This surprised the whole world, " the head of the UGCC stressed.

"Be aware," he assured, "that the sun never sets above the head of a Ukrainian priest who serves the Liturgy, offers a bloodless sacrifice of the body and blood of our Savior on the throne. With our prayer watch, we support you. We organize our communities around the world so that Ukraine wins in this just defensive war against the unjust Russian aggressor."