"Ukrainians should not fall for interreligious provocations, but unite during the threat of Russian aggression," - RAMU "Umma"

04.02.2022, 10:30
"Ukrainians should not fall for interreligious provocations, but unite during the threat of Russian aggression," - RAMU "Umma" - фото 1
This was stated by the mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Umma" Sheikh said Ismagilov at a press conference in Ukrinform dedicated to the World week of interreligious harmony.

Source: Ukrinform

“We are seeing attempts to undermine peace and unity in Ukraine and make provocations to incite inter-religious hatred. This is an attempt to destabilize the situation in Ukraine in order to sow internal conflicts as much as possible, to pit different parts of Ukrainian society against each other. I say absolutely responsibly on behalf of the Muslims of Ukraine that the Muslims of Ukraine will not be led to such provocations. We will preserve peace, unity, and respect representatives of other churches, religions, and different worldviews. We have a united country for all, and we need to unite as much as possible against the background of the Russian threat and protect the integrity and peace in Ukraine,” he stressed.

The Mufti assured of the full support of the spiritual administration of Muslims "Ummah" for the national interests of Ukraine and its territorial integrity.

“I want to assure you that our Muslims are ready to defend our state if necessary,” Ismagilov said.

He recalled that the military chaplaincy of Muslims of Ukraine has been working fruitfully in the Joint Forces Operations Area for the eighth year, and noted that Muslim volunteers are ready to help, provide premises, medicines, clothing, food for all who will need, in case of “negative events for Ukraine”, and mosques, Islamic cultural centers are ready to become places of humanitarian assistance.

“Numerous Veterans of this war, as well as responsible, brave men from among the Muslims of Ukraine - and not only men but also women - declare that they are ready to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defend our homeland. And this is very inspiring for me as a mufti because I see a very mature position of believers,” he said.

In turn, he is a religious scholar, a senior researcher at the Department of religious studies of the Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy. of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, head of the Center for Religious Studies and international spiritual relations Igor Kozlovsky noted that believers are encouraged to take up arms by the Holy Scriptures.

"Both the Bible and the Koran constantly emphasize that we not only have the right but must protect our land, our farmstead, our home and our relatives. This is a just war, " he told an Ukrinform correspondent.