Vandals cut off memorial crosses near Babyn Yar

22.09.2021, 17:39
Vandals cut off memorial crosses near Babyn Yar - фото 1
Memorial crosses were cut off at the scandalous site opposite Babyn Yar at 25 Olena Teliga Street in Kyiv. They were installed in the early 2000s in memory of the victims of shootings during World War II.

Source: NV

Memorial crosses were installed in front of the green construction fence by representatives of the Orthodox Church in the early 2000s. Memorial services were also held next to them. According to photos in the GoogleMaps app, a week ago the crosses were still in their place, now they have been cut off.

The construction site on Olena Teliga street, 25, is actually located on one of the branches of Babyn Yar but is not part of the National Historical and Memorial Reserve. According to the decision of the Kyiv City Council No. 1538 of November 3, 1964, "remains of buried people" from the Second World War were found at this place. Construction on the site was banned.

In 2006, 0.29 hectares on Olena Teliga, 25, were leased to Alimpex-Mertinger LLC, and in 2008, the then-mayor of Kyiv Leonid Chernovetsky gave a construction permit. Local residents opposed the construction, and memorial crosses were erected at the same time. Soon the company went bankrupt and in 2016 the land plot was bought at an open auction by ISK Obriy LLC. In 2019, after receiving permission, the UNO City House residential complex was built on this site. Now the work is being completed.