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We are all Crimean Tatars: Ukraine rallies in memory of deportation victims

18.05.2015, 12:15
We are all Crimean Tatars: Ukraine rallies in memory of deportation victims - фото 1

1A7.gif-7.gifOn May 18, the date of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars two large-scale commemorative events will be held in Kyiv: a concert-requiem in the National Opera of Ukraine and a nationwide mourning rally dedicated to the anniversary of the tragedy. The concert will be attended by Crimean Tatar leaders and representatives of Ukrainian authorities. The information source from Ukrainian President’s suite reported to Krym.Realiyi that Poroshenko is most likely to attend the action.

Kyiv office of Majlis expects high attendance of thenationwidemeeting. “Of course, it is not as widespread as in Crimea. However, according to our estimates, about 3 thousand Crimean Tatars are already here. Others will join, too. Last year there were not so many internally displaced persons, but it was pretty crowded,” said Commissioner to the President of Ukraine on the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev.

The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine provides information support of the rally. The ministry placed city-lights in Kyiv calling to attend the action. The main slogan of the meeting is “May 18,we are all Crimean Tatars”.

On May 14, the Ukrainian Parliamentapproved the decision to amend the decree “On marking memorable dates and anniversaries in 2015”with the commemoration of the deportation of Tatars on 18 May 2015 at the state level. Chair of the Crimean Tatars Majlis Refat Chubarov noted in his comment to Krym.Realiyi noted that the decision of the Parliament is yet another small step towards de-occupation of Crimea.

“We give a very clear and strong signal to the Crimean community; we reaffirm our stance before to the international community. In a way, we are giving signals to those who are trying to implant occupation regime in Crimea. From all these points of view, this decision is positive,” said the Majlis Chairman.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine also prepared to the anniversary. It sent a letter to all schoolsrecommendingto read a lecture dedicated to commemoration of the deportation of Crimean Tatars and representatives of other nations of Crimea on May 18.

“In the difficult situation that we find ourselves in, it is important that all our students remember the tragedy, the hardship of Crimean Tatars. We have to pay attention to this lecture,” said Director of the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education Yuri Kononenko.

According to him, the lesson on deportation is not mandatory. The Ministry only recommend schools to hold such sessions and sent training materials.The administration of educational institutions and teachers will decide whether to hold a lesson or not.

On May 18, in solidarity with the representatives of Crimean Tatars representatives of all religious faiths of Crimea will take part in the collective prayer named“Prayer of memory and unity.” This decision was taken on May 15, at a meeting of Interfaith Council of Crimea “World is the Gift of God”, reports the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Crimea.