"We are not the only ones being threatened," noted religious scholar analyzing new apocalyptic ideas of the ROC

02 April, 09:19
"We are not the only ones being threatened," noted religious scholar analyzing new apocalyptic ideas of the ROC - фото 1
The Russian Orthodox Church has declared the bloody war in Ukraine to be "sacred." According to the "edict" of the Russian Orthodox Church, after the so-called "Special Military Operation," Ukraine is supposed to fall completely under the influence of Russia. In this "document," the Russians have outlined not only the future of Ukraine but also of the whole world.

Religious scholar and Doctor of Philosophy Lyudmila Fylypovych elaborated on these new ideas for Channel 24.

Russians have declared a "national liberation struggle."

In the first part of the "edict," the significance of the so-called "Special Military Operation," which the Russian Orthodox Church named a "holy war," is explained. However, the "document" describes much more dreadful things.

The Russian Orthodox Church refers to the war in Ukraine as a so-called "new stage of the national liberation struggle of the Russian people against the criminal regime in Kyiv." Thus, the Russians perceive a full-scale war on Ukrainian territory, in an independent state, as a stage of their "national liberation struggle."

Moreover, the Russian invaders specify that they are allegedly conducting the so-called "national liberation struggle" in the lands of southwestern Rus. Russians deny Ukraine's subjectivity and sovereignty. They openly ignore all international documents in which Ukraine is recognized as an independent and sovereign state.

Furthermore, it gets even scarier. Because not only are we threatened, but the entire world is," noted Fylypovych.

The Russians write that the borders of the so-called "united Russian state" are not limited to the borders of Russia. Supposedly, the "Russian world" is everywhere where Russians are present. In their ambitious plans, the invaders want to cover everyone who shares ideas of Russian culture, language, mentality, etc., with their "world."

What goal have the Russians set for themselves?

In the sick fantasy of the invaders, not only Ukrainians will fall under the "exclusive influence of Russia," but the whole civilization.

An aggressive perspective is outlined in this "document." I don't remember any other document being written so directly and ideologically oriented and focused solely on imperial interests. Everything is present here except God. Although the document was announced in churches and read by Patriarch Kirill," said the Doctor of Philosophy.

In her opinion, this "document" should be taken seriously because it is aimed at consolidating Russian society. The reason for its appearance is apocalyptic end-of-world ideas. Only a sick imagination before the end can formulate such theses.

Of course, it did not go without religious narratives about how the West is supposedly evil, and Russians are the only ones who receive the purity of the Christian faith. Moreover, they write that Russia is a restraining factor. In the Russians' imagination, Ukrainians now embody all evil.

They believe that Russian statehood is the "highest form of political creativity of the Russian nation." That is, what Moscow has been oppressing for centuries, a vast number of various nations, nationalities, ethnic groups on a huge territory, is now called the "highest form of political creativity." It's interesting where they will go next in their "creative and creative" intentions," added the religious scholar.

The Russians have set themselves a terrible idea – to restore the unity of the Russian people. They strive to unite Belarusians, Ukrainians, and Russians. However, they have never called us Ukrainians, only Lesser Russians.

They also want to abandon megacities, build a thousand small settlements, where all Russians will live in individual houses. The occupiers have painted a perspective of transforming Russia into Gardarika of the 21st century. This is what the Kyivan Rus was called by the Scandinavians when they came to our land and saw a civilized state.