3D hologram of the real face of Yaroslav the Wise shown in St. Sophia of Kyiv

08.03.2021, 09:46
3D hologram of the real face of Yaroslav the Wise shown in St. Sophia of Kyiv - фото 1
A prism featuring a 3D hologram of Yaroslav the Wise' real face was presented in the St. Sophia Cathedral of the National Reserve "St. Sofia of Kyiv".

This is reported by Ukrinform.

"Seeing what Yaroslav the Wise really looked like is not just a unique opportunity. This is an important event from the point of view of historical context and raising the issue of national identity. We are not talking about a Soviet portrait that compared the Kyivan Prince with the Russian tsars, but about the most real recreated model of the face, designed on the basis of scientific facts and research," said the Minister of Culture and Information Policy, Oleksandr Tkachenko, during the presentation.

According to him, it is also symbolic that 3D images are shown in the "St Sofia of Kyiv", which was built on the initiative of Yaroslav the Wise.

General Director of the National Reserve "St Sofia of Kyiv", Nelya Kukovalska, noted that the 3D hologram of the real face of Yaroslav the Wise is only the first steps to the true story that can shed light on certain historical facts, in particular regarding the appearance of our ancestors at that time.

"As an example, the Kyivan princes did not wear long beards, which was typical for the image of Russian tsars but had long mustaches. In case of our Princes, it was, so to say, drawn additionally and is still being drawn additionally," she added.

Yaroslav the Wise's face was reconstructed by historical and forensic examination based on a skull model. The authors of the reconstruction are art critic Yuri Shatailo and forensic expert Andriy Pereidenko.

The design was created to order in Denmark and has no analogues in Ukraine. It was purchased for the Reserve by the pharmaceutical company Interchem.

As reported, on February 23, events were held in the National Reserve "St Sofia of Kyiv" to honor the memory of Yaroslav the Wise's wife, Grand Duchess of Kyiv Ingigerda-Iryna.