A settlement older than the Biblical Flood found near Khmelnitsky

09.07.2021, 13:02
A settlement older than the Biblical Flood found near Khmelnitsky - фото 1
Near Khmelnitsky, archaeologists have discovered traces of a settlement of the Trypillian culture with artifacts ‒ the find near the village of Goloskiv, Kamyanets-Podilsky district, dates back to about the 5th millennium BC. The area of the settlement is approximately 10 hectares.

This is stated on July 8 in the story of "Suspilne Podillya", reports RBC-Ukraine.

In one of the three trenches, participants of the archaeological expedition found masonry at a depth of 1.5 m.

According to Yevhen Levinzon, a specialist in Trypillian culture, these red bricks represent the overlap between the 1st and 2nd floors of typical Trypillian settlement housing.

The scientist explained that trypillians built ground-based Adobe two-story houses with wooden frames. He also added that these immigrants from the Middle East usually grew barley, peas, wheat, kept cattle, hunted and fished. They did not stay in one place for more than 50-80 years. The departure was usually accompanied by the burning of the settlement.
Experts cite among the reasons for such migration and depletion of soils, and certain ritual features, and to prevent outbreaks of epidemics.

The scientist says that the excavations near Goloskiv are special since there was a certain contact zone between local groups of the Trypillian population: between the Shepenetsky and Mereshovsky groups.

A settlement older than the Biblical Flood found near Khmelnitsky - фото 75338


According to Pyotr Boltanyuk, a researcher at the Kamianets-Podilsky State Historical Museum-Reserve, the found material will be processed in-house. Among the finds: bones, ceramics, many Sickles.

The remains of Trypillian ceramics discovered here are tentatively dated within the last third of the V - beginning of the IV millennium BC.

It is worth noting that such a settlement in Ukraine is older not only than the Egyptian pyramids (the oldest is the Pyramid of Djoser 2667-2648 BC), but also the biblical flood in the oldest version of texts about religious flooding, which caused the death of almost all mankind.

Thus, according to the Hebrew text of the Bible, it dates back to 3853 BC. And according to the Septuagint, the flood is still "younger", and dates back to 3247 BC.