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AUCCRO calls upon the government to stop implanting gender ideology in education

19.12.2019, 10:46
AUCCRO calls upon the government to stop implanting gender ideology in education - фото 1

The All-Ukraine Council of Churches and religious organizations expressed concern about the undermining of the moral foundations of the educational process in schools, carried out with the assistance of the Ministry of Education under the slogans of combating discrimination. 

The letters signed by the Chairman of the AUCCRO, Bishop Vitaly Krivitsky, sent to the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, note the need to cancel the antidiscrimination examination of textbooks and educational programs through its ideological engagement, the website of the AUCCRO reports.

As noted by the Council of Churches, the parent community of concern program for publishers and authors "Create non-discriminative educational content" and the program of the distance course "Antidiscrimination lens: projection of education" to prepare antidiscrimination experts and antidiscrimination examination of textbooks and educational imposed by the order of MES of Ukraine.

Earlier, in an appeal to the Ministry, the AUCCRO already cited a list of specific comments on the anti-discrimination policy and examples of its ideological bias, which despises such social ideals as a full family with a father and mother, marriage as a Union of men and women, the religious identity of the Ukrainian people, but is protected by the Constitution of Ukraine.

In addition, the gender ideology as such, according to the AUCCRO, is disastrous for any society, since it replaces the concept of biological sex with several dozen genders on the principle of self-identification. This approach can have negative psychological consequences, especially for children, because the suicide rate reaches 41% among transgender people, which is several times higher than among the rest of the population (4.6%), who do not suffer from gender dysphoria.

The best scientific research on gender dysphoria (scientific evidence that even gender activists cite) suggests that between 80% and 95% of children who exhibit conflicting gender identities will later identify with the sex of their body if allowed to develop naturally, without prompting a change of sex.

The Council of Churches is one of the priorities of the state authorities in the context of promoting the strengthening of the family institute, the dissemination through education of constructive family values, proper education of young people. Family, motherhood and fatherhood, natural male and female roles are the basic values of the Ukrainian people, century-old heritage of the Ukrainian mental space.

Besides, about one thousand participants of meeting who gathered on December 17 at the Parliament building, except completion of bill No. 0931 they demanded to stop the introduction of gender ideology in the education system of Ukraine.

In early December of this year, 76 MPs of Ukraine from different parliamentary factions and groups urged the Minister of education and science of Ukraine not to violate the law, initiating the abolition of the approval stamp for the school program "Fundamentals of Family".