Baptists declared extremists in "LPR"

21.07.2021, 11:40
Baptists declared extremists in "LPR" - фото 1
In occupied Dovzhansk, Luhansk region, a "court" recognized as extremist the publications distributed by representatives of the International Union of Evangelical Christian Baptist churches.

This is reported by Depo.Donbas citing the sites controlled by the "LPR".

"The International Union of Evangelical Christian Baptist Churches of the Luhansk region carries out its activities on the territory of the Republic without appropriate registration with the Ministry of Justice of the LPR, and also actively uses and distributes printed publications containing signs of extremism specified in Article 1 of the LPR law" on countering extremist activities "of February 2, 2018, No. 209 - I," the report says.

So the terrorists declared "extremist" publications "Jesus - Our Destiny" (publishing house "Christian" 2008); "The Doors of his house are open" (publishing house Christlicheliteratur-verbeitung, 1991); "Doomed to exist?" (Christlicheliteratur-verbreitung publishing house, 1992); "Born to die" ("Svit" publishing house, 1990).

"The recognition of printed publications as extremist made it possible to effectively stop the activities of its participants in distributing materials containing signs of extremism, thereby protecting the interests of the younger generation and ensuring the security of the Republic," the prosecutor's office boasted.

Recall that in 2017, a group of "security forces of the 'LPR'" seized the building of "Jehovah's witnesses" in occupied Alchevsk in the Luhansk region.

Before that, the "LPR" began to fight against alternative religious communities, in particular, "Jehovah's witnesses" also fell out of favor. The occupiers accuse them of "providing assistance to the SBU and neo-Nazi groups."

In September 2018, in the occupied Donetsk region, the "Supreme Court" of terrorists recognized the religious organization "Jehovah's Witnesses" as extremist.