Bishop Matteo Zoppi visits Kyiv

01.07.2015, 11:54
Bishop Matteo Zoppi visits Kyiv - фото 1

July 2 at 19:15 in the cathedral of Alexander in Kyiv (Kostyolnaya str., 17) Prayer for Peaceorganized by the "Community of Sant'Egidio", will be held.

Prayer will lead by Bishop Matteo Zoppi, spiritual director of the community, an Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Rome. He will be in Kiev with a group of pilgrims from Geno to worship the holy places and to witness solidarity and closeness to the Church of Ukraine.

Bishop Matteo was a member of many peace negotiations. Among the most famous - two-year peace negotiations in Mozambique, which culminated in the signing of a peace agreement in 1992 that stopped a civil war that lasted 10 years.