Cherkasy Home To Most “Sects”

20.09.2002, 20:54
“Dialog,” the Ukrainian National Center of Religious Security and Help for the Victims of Destructive Cults, recently conducted a survey, according to which the central Ukrainian Cherkasy region is home to the greatest number of what it considers to be destructive totalitarian sects. This news was reported on 19 September 2002.

The center has prepared a list of religious cults which they consider destructive. Among the groups listed are “Sakhaja-Yoga,” “The New Apostolic Church,” “The New Acropolis,” “Golden Warriors of the Creator,” the club “Sorcerer,” “The Shining Path” and others. The workers of the center believe that all these sects conduct occult practices and have a hazardous impact on the psyche of the inhabitants of Cherkasy. According to the survey, there are also followers of what they consider pseudo-eastern sects in Cherkasy. They are “The Community of Krishna Consciousness,” “The White Arrow,” and “The Subud Society of Ukraine.” According to the Cherkasy city council, such totalitarian sects as scientologists and followers of “the Aivankhov method” have a negative mental influence on people. In addition, Satanists, “servants of Christ” from “Visarion’s sect" (“The Church of the Last Testament”) and remnants of “The White Brotherhood” also function in Cherkasy.