Conditions on which Hasidim can come to Uman were announced

31.08.2020, 10:30
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Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Reuven Asman held a meeting with the mayor of Uman Oleksandr Zerbiy, the purpose of which was to solve the problem of ensuring security in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic for Uman residents and Hasidim, who gathered in the city to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

"We came to a comprehensive understanding and made a joint appeal to the media that the mayor calls for compliance with the laws of Ukraine and preventive measures related to the coronavirus. In other words, all Hasidim who have arrived must undergo a PCR test so that in case of a negative result, they can safely celebrate the holiday," Moshe Reuven Asman said on his Facebook page.

The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine promised to do everything possible to ensure that Hasidim do PCR tests and are updated on the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

At the end of the meeting, Moshe Reuven Asman once again handed over special protective clothing for Uman hospitals.