"Court" in Crimea rejects the appeal against the sentence of Imam Khalilov

07.07.2020, 12:34
On Monday, July 6, the so-called Supreme Court of Crimea rejected the defense's appeal against the verdict of the Radyansky District "Court" of Crimea against Imam Dilyaver Khalilov.

'Court' in Crimea rejects the appeal against the sentence of Imam Khalilov - фото 53016
Photo provided by 'Crimean Solidarity'


Crimean solidarity reports this on Facebook while referring to lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, writes UKRINFORM.

"The lawyer said that the judge upheld the decision of the court of the first instance, even without retiring to the conference room to discuss the arguments of the defenders," the statement of the Crimean solidarity says.

According to lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, similar court decisions in Crimea persecuted those clergymen who are unwilling to fulfill any unreasonable demands of the authorities."

The Crimean solidarity recalled that on April 29, 2020, the decision of the Radyansky District "Court" of Crimea (judge Igor Brazhnik) of Imam Dilyaver Khalilov was found guilty under part 2 of article 20.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation ("Organization of simultaneous mass stay and (or) movement of citizens in public places that caused a violation of public order"). Khalilov was fined RUR 30,000 (UAH 11,323) for holding a collective Friday prayer.

The police officers who drew up the Protocol argued that the Imam's offenses were committed in the building of a sports complex, which the local government handed over to the Muslims of this village 16 years ago. Until now, the religious community has functioned according to documents obtained under Ukrainian jurisdiction.