Crowds of Hasidim come to Uman

26.08.2021, 12:56
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Crowds of Hasidim come to Uman - фото 1
This year, one of the main holidays of the Jews falls on September 6-8. Hasidim come to the grave of Tzaddik Nachman with their families. One of the pilgrims, Bezalel Amuyal, said that he arrived in Uman with his wife and children. Since flights may be banned due to the coronavirus, they arrived in the city in advance. The man says that he has been preparing for the pilgrimage all year, because it is very important for Hasidim to honor their rabbi.

Source: Glavkom

As the chief rabbi of Kyiv Rav Jonathan Binyamin Markovich said on the air of "Ukraine 24", most Hasidim traditionally came without families. But this year there are more cases when families come to Uman. This is due to the fact that after the pilgrimage to the grave of Rabbi Nachman, Hasidim and their relatives will also go to other holy places.

Rav Jonathan Binyamin Markovich assured that all pilgrims who have already started arriving from Israel to Ukraine have received a second dose of the coronavirus vaccine. This means that communication and contacts with them are safe for Ukrainians.

The chief rabbi of the Ukrainian capital also explained why this year Hasidim began to arrive for the celebration ahead of time. It's all about ticket prices. The closer to the date of the celebration, the more expensive the flight costs.

According to TSN, at the time of the pilgrimage, rental housing in the center of Uman starts from USD 6 600. Pilgrims note that they save money for traveling to Ukraine all year round.

"We save money all year round to come to Uman," says a resident of South Tel Aviv.

Local Jew Jan told Israeli journalists that everything is still calm in Uman, as long as tourists and municipal authorities do not escalate the situation.

"Maintaining tolerance on both sides will benefit," the man says.

As you know, thousands of Hasidim come to Uman every year, who consider it their duty to visit the grave of their spiritual leader Tzaddik Nachman at least once in their lives.