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Custom officers detained for extortion demands from UOC-KP Archbishop

18.03.2015, 10:20

The story of extortion demanded from Archbishop Klyment, who heads the Crimean diocese of the Kyiv Patriarchate, for travel from Crimea to mainland Ukraine is continued. And it is, according to lawyer Maksym Vasin, can be a lesson for many.

Extorters from among customs officers and border guards of Ukraine were detained as a result of special operation held by military prosecutors.

It was reported by MP George Lohvynskyy, who previously sent an appeal to the prosecutor to initiate a criminal investigation into this crime.

The special operation at Chongar checkpoint of was held by Prosecutor's Office of Kherson region under the personal supervision of Major General Anatoliy Matios with police officers. The detainees allegedly took bribes from travelling passengers and drivers of commercial vehicles who illegally imported goods into Crimea.

According to MP Lohvynsky, a criminal group acted at this checkpoint that worked in a joint conspiracy. Now the investigation examines the involvement of detainees to many incidents, including the situation with Archbishop Klyment.

“This case reveals that corruption can be defeated only if each of us will refuse to pay bribes. We must start with ourselves. Then we have the moral right to demand and seek punishment for corrupt officials in high offices to the fullest extent of the law,” Maksym Vasin notes.