Cyril (Hovorun) predicts when Moscow may give autocephaly to the UOC-MP and the possible consequences

26.03.2021, 08:58
Cyril (Hovorun) predicts when Moscow may give autocephaly to the UOC-MP and the possible consequences - фото 1
In an interview for RISU, Archimandrite Cyril (Hovorun) analyzed to what extent the scenario of Moscow granting autocephaly to the UOC-MP is realistic and added that not everyone in Ukraine would agree to accept it. The Archimandrite also predicted when the unification of Orthodox Ukrainians might take place.

"Theoretically, everything is possible, but under Patriarch Kirill's tenure, this is definitely not happening. Theoretically, this can happen under his successor, for example, if Tikhon becomes Patriarch (Vladyka Tikhon (Shevkunov), Metropolitan of Pskov and Porkhov, head of the Pskov Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church – V. M.). We know that Tikhon wanted and even asked Kirill to grant autocephaly to the UOC-MP, anticipating the steps of Constantinople. Perhaps if he becomes patriarch, he may consider such a possibility," the Archimandrite commented.

Cyril (Hovorun) added: "I really don't know what this will change in Ukraine. Ukraine already has an Autocephalous Church. In addition, it should be understood that people are now so opposed to autocephaly that even if Moscow gives this autocephaly, not everyone in Ukraine will agree to accept it. To be honest, I do not know how this can happen except that people will see the meaninglessness of antagonism, confrontation with each other because there are no reasons to resist. There are only pretexts. We can hope for unification not earlier than the reasons also disappear. I don't look very old yet, so I would like to hope that this will happen in my lifetime! It is very important that Orthodox Ukrainians follow the path to accepting each other. It turns out that we still need to learn this."

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