Ecumenical Social Week on Ecology will become a platform for real decisions, - organizers

05.10.2020, 11:14
Ecumenical Social Week on Ecology will become a platform for real decisions, - organizers - фото 1
Lviv will host the XIII Ecumenical Social Week, which is initiated and organized by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic University, from October 7 to 10.

The topic of this year's Forum is "Hear the Cry of the Earth: Integral Ecology in Action". All events will be held online.

Open discussions, seminars and round tables dedicated to "green" urbanism, biodiversity, climate, eco-responsible business, the role of the church and society in preserving the environment, eco-journalism and eco-social work for the clergy will last for four days.

Ecological poetry readings and a presentation of a book for children on the topic of Ecology will also take place.

Iryna Kitura, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Ecumenical Social Week, told RISU how this event differs from "fashionable" eco-events.

"Through Ecumenical Social Weeks, we try to unite representatives of different faiths around current social problems. We can see what kind of super-efforts need to be made to stop the climate crisis, change economic models, legislation, and the consciousness of citizens. The issue of ecology is highly ecumenical, unifying, because what kind of world we live in, what will remain after us, depends on everyone. Therefore, it was decided to devote this year to integrated ecology and gather representatives of different faiths, religions, as well as business, the public sector, public activists, teachers and the media to present successful solutions for eco-challenges."

According to her, 17 online events during the four days of the forum relate to overcoming environmental problems. Events are aimed both at society as a whole and at specific target audiences. An ecumenical conference will be held on the topic "Hear the Cry of the Earth: Integral Ecology in Action", during which world-famous theologians and public figures will discuss the topic of preserving the environment.

The forum organizers note that special attention will be paid to the role of the church and religious organizations in preserving creation from an ecumenical perspective.

"Our forum offers a platform for sharing experience not only in the church environment. We attract representatives from government agencies, teachers, public activists, human rights defenders, environmentalists and others to form a common view on solving the problem. Here, representatives of different faiths will also talk about their initiatives, both in Ukraine and abroad, thereby demonstrating what steps the modern church is taking to preserve the environment. All participants will learn practical knowledge. I hope they will want to and will be able to implement it in their parishes and offices," Iryna Kitura emphasizes.

She added, referring to the possibility of holding the Forum online: "Our experience of online events that we have been holding since March shows that in this way, you can reach a larger audience and attract more people from different cities to the discussion. Modern means of communication also help here. Therefore, I am sure that such a variety of speakers and topics allows you to expand your horizons on eco-topics without leaving your office or home."