Filaret requests authorities to resume registration of the UOC-KP

16.03.2021, 18:56
Filaret requests authorities to resume registration of the UOC-KP - фото 1
On March 13, 2021, Bishop Filaret met with Chairman of the state service of Ukraine for ethnic policy and freedom of conscience Olena Bohdan, at his residence. It was about returning the state registration of the Kyiv Patriarchate as a legal organization.

This is stated on Filaret's Facebook page.

"I am very happy to have an opportunity to meet and discuss the problems that concern us. We have one problem and the need to solve it - the resumption of state registration. We, the Kyiv Patriarchate, do exist but are not registered. We ask you to resume our registration. The Kyiv Patriarchate was removed from registration without us, without our knowledge, illegally. We do not need a new registration, we were registered, but we were illegally removed from registration and are being discriminated against, violating the constitutional rights of a large number of Ukrainian citizens and believers of the Kyiv Patriarchate. State authorities should not legitimize lawlessness. The Kyiv Patriarchate exists and will continue to exist. It has a future because it is an independent Ukrainian Church. An independent state should have an independent Сhurch. This is the truth, and the truth always wins," he said.

According to the report, the focus was also on "the difficult situation that has developed in Ukrainian orthodoxy and ways to solve it. Inter-Church, inter-religious and state-church relations in Ukraine were also discussed."