Four out of eighteen: the OCU comments on the 'anti-Ukrainian' statement of Cypriot hierarchs

25.10.2020, 11:27
Moscow and its satellites will now extensively share the 'statement' of four hierarchs who 'vehemently disagree' with the recognition of the OCU and demand the 'convocation of the Synod'.

This was stated on Facebook by the spokesman of the OCU, Archbishop Yevstratiy (Zorya).

Four out of eighteen: the OCU comments on the 'anti-Ukrainian' statement of Cypriot hierarchs - фото 60604


"Everyone can calculate how much 4 out of 18 make up, and conclude whether these four hierarchs will be able to achieve the advantage of their (specifically, pro-Moscow) position.

It should also be taken into account that obviously the Archbishop of Cyprus is well aware of the internal situation in his own Church, and therefore would never have taken today's step if he was not confident that he relies on the support of the overwhelming majority in this matter," the hierarch said.

"My position first serves orthodoxy, and then the Church of Cyprus," Archbishop Chrysostomos said in a comment to the news agency. He is also convinced that all primates, with the exception of Kirill, recognize his case. "My position serves not individuals, but the Church," the OCU speaker reminded the Archbishop of the Church of Cyprus.

Archbishop Yevstratiy noted that the Primate of the Church of Cyprus promised to convene a meeting of the Synod if there is a request for this, set out in accordance with the Charter of the Church. At such a meeting, the text of the letter by which the Archbishop plans to inform the Ecumenical Patriarch about the decisions and actions that have taken place should be considered.

"The Archbishop assumes that the content of the letter will be supported by the Synod - if not unanimously, then by a majority.

Thus, all the statements and protests are nothing more than a ritual attempt by hierarchs closely connected with Moscow to cover up their defeat in the two - year struggle against the recognition of the OCU by the Church of Cyprus," said the OCU spokesman Yevstratiy (Zorya).