Fr. Bohdan Prach was elected the rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University

25.06.2021, 14:24
Fr. Bohdan Prach was elected the rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University - фото 1
On June 25, at a meeting of the Senate of the Ukrainian Catholic University, UCU senators elected the rector of the university by secret ballot. By a unanimous decision of the Senators, Fr. Bohdan Prach will continue to head the Ukrainian Catholic University for the next term.

This is reported by the UCU Information Department.

Fr. Bogdan Prach presented a report for the period of his rectorship and a university development program called "Build on Solid Foundations".

The father noted that during his cadence, he, like his predecessor His Eminence Borys Gudziak, continued to cherish the community of the Ukrainian Catholic University in the spirit of Christian values: "as a whole community of UCU, we have always tried to grow in strength and strength not only for the outside world but also internally – in spirit and faith. We always confirm our vision with words, examples, and practical actions. We have passed the revolution of dignity side by side, we support our military in eastern Ukraine, we support a society that is losing heart with each new challenge. In various ways – through writing appeals, openly defending our position, and volunteering – we overcome challenges step by step. And, despite the difficult circumstances looming over Ukraine, the UCU team does not give up its business. The university is rapidly becoming overgrown with new buildings and people who are extremely spiritually connected."

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While arguing his decision to nominate Father Bohdan Prach for a Senate vote, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Philadelphia, President of the Ukrainian Catholic University Bishop Borys Gudziak emphasized: “I admire the process of the Rector’s election: today, in a world full of struggle for power and brutal campaigns, we witnessed a clear, transparent and unanimous process of consensus, gathering and communion of the community around their leader. Father Bohdan presented a report on the university’s phenomenal development: under his leadership, the university has become three times bigger in terms of the number of students, programs, buildings, and teachers. The principles and foundations of the Ukrainian Catholic University have been reinforced. Father Bohdan already has a candidate for his successor, the one to pass on authority and, above all, responsibility. Because being a rector is, first of all, a responsibility: to witness, to serve, to communicate, to be a modern Christian leader in various spheres – this is the legacy of Father Bohdan Prach and something he passes on to the entire community and Ukraine.”

After the senators' questions to the candidate and discussion of his program, a secret vote was held, which resulted in the election of the rector of UCU for the second cadence of Fr. Bohdan Prach.

Since September 2013, after the appointment of Bishop Boris Gudziak to serve in the Diocese of St. Volodymyr the Great in Paris, father Bogdan Prach has assumed responsibility for the University as Acting Rector. In 2016, Fr. Bogdan Prach was elected to the first cadence of the rector's office.

Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Chairman of the Nomination Committee: “We are glad that Fr. Bohdan will remain the leader of this wonderful university. UCU requires a great leader with solid and well-established credibility in society. Father Bohdan will be able to continue working on everything he has achieved with dignity. Therefore, the senators unanimously decided to support the candidacy of Father Bohdan Praсh. We see the changes that have occurred over the last five years: look at these premises, the spirit of the community, the teachers, the students. The university has a clear strategy for the next five years. I believe that it will develop and grow on the solid foundation laid by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky and Patriarch Josyf Slipyj. That is why we, the senators, are so optimistic about the future.”

In the end, the Father Rector thanked everyone for their trust: "we are bravely dreaming, and this is evidenced by our vision of the University in 2025... We look forward to the support of senators as guides to our next campaign to find funds for university development and implement the Strategy 2025 “University that Serves”. Only with your effective support and leadership can we wish for more."