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27.12.2020, 11:00
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Brigitte Weber
For the last 30 years, Brigitte Weber helps Ukrainians who experience difficulties. The work of German Philanthropist Brigitte Weber from Wolnzach, who from the early 90s assist Ukrainians to survive in challenging times, cause sincere admiration for many people.

It was December 1990 when Weber organized the first charitable truckload. Later many people from other cities, especially from Munich, joined this charitable initiative. From this time, Mrs. Weber became the Angel Protector to many Ukrainians, as a founder and a coordinator of the "Assistance to Ukraine from Wolnzach" movement. Every year volunteers sent multi-tonnes cargo assistance to Ukrainians for distribution through The St. Volodymyr Foundation in Lviv.

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Her sacrificial and selfless work is felt by many multi-children and low-income families in Ukraine, including children from boarding schools and kindergartens. These cargo truckloads (total weight is more than hundreds of tons) make a comfortable stay for patients in hospices and long-term care residents in Ukraine. Mrs. Weber helped collect money for the treatment of many high-risk children and the rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers. From the start of the war, Brigitte's efforts supported many families who lived in the war zone, including many internally displaced people.

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In 2018 Mrs. Weber was awarded the Father Omelian Kovch honour presented by the Major Archbishop of UGCC Svyatoslav Shevchuk. Last weekend new truckload of assistance arrived in Lviv. As always, before leaving Germany, Brigitte's home became the Good Deeds' headquarters, as people can bring the goods to donate in her place of residence. From there, German volunteers, following COVID-19 restrictions, packed the goods that residents of small-town Wolnzach collected. For them, for these thirty years, it has become a good tradition. Beds for sick, toilet seats, bicycles, child strollers, clothes, toys - all of this and many other goods have been collected this year. A more than 2000 chocolate Mykolay treats Mrs. Brigitte specially ordered for Luhansk children and those who reside in boarding schools. The cargo truck also brought unique gifts from German Children. Wolnzach Primary School kids packed gift boxes during their class time, and Am Brunnen kindergarten children collected favourite plush toys to share some joy with children from Ukraine.

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The vice-chair of the St. Volodymyr Foundation Lesya Krypyakewych shared to the Lviv Post newspaper that those gifts bring joy to both children, adults and seniors. We are happy to be connected to the good deeds Mrs. Weber shares with us. This cargo truck we eagerly awaited to share goods and holiday spirit with people in need. Pandemic created even more hardship to already vulnerable groups, as many people lost employment, and for others, earnings have been decreased. These gifts are very needed, so people can continue to believe in kindness and caring and feel the warmth of Brigitte's heart and other people from Germany. For thirty years, this kindness is shared from heart to heart.