In Kherson, Russian invaders kidnap a priest of the OCU

30.03.2022, 11:10
In Kherson, Russian invaders kidnap a priest of the OCU - фото 1
In Kherson, another priest of the OCU, Father Serhiy Chudinovych, was abducted.

Journalist Yaroslava Mishchenko wrote about this on her Facebook page.

"The information is reliable, confirmed by the church parishioners. Today at seven in the morning, the "police" took him to an unknown destination," Mishchenko said.

Father Serhiy is a priest of Kherson, well-known for his pro-Ukrainian position. He had a lively, humane parish, where everyone took care of each other, helped with medicines and food.

"In the first days of the war, he buried our soldiers without even hiding. He has an almost Early Christian community in terms of trust and love.

I really ask you to pray, those who can pray. And those who have such an opportunity - make a repost or reprint of the publication. You once helped with the arrest of father Oleg Nikolaev.

Let's try to save one more person. He would never have left his flock in Kherson. He is too bright not to catch the eye of the occupier. We need living heroes, not martyrs," the journalist stressed.