In Odesa, a grave of an Athos Hegumen found under a pile of garbage

22.06.2022, 13:10
In Odesa, a grave of an Athos Hegumen found under a pile of garbage - фото 1
On the territory of the Second Christian Cemetery in Odessa, the grave of Archimandrite Theodorit (Krestovnikov), who was hegumen of St. Andrew's Skete on Mount Athos for 25 years, was discovered.

This is reported by Orthodox Life citing "Look from Odesa" media.

The place of the elder's rest was discovered by Odesa resident Svitlana when she was cleaning up the tomb of her relative. Accidentally reading the epitaph on an abandoned grave, the woman realized that an Orthodox clergyman was buried here. She removed all the garbage littering the grave, fenced the burial with stones, and put flowers.

Journalist Serhiy Bakumenko photographed the tombstone inscription and posted the picture on his Facebook page. Reviews from readers, especially the historian Viktor Mykhalchenko, helped to get more complete biographical information about Archimandrite Theodorit.

According to open sources, Archimandrite Theodorit (in the world Fedir Krestovnikov) was born on February 7, 1822, in the village of Surinske, Syzran uyezd, Simbirsk province, in a peasants' family. At the age of 20, he arrived on Mount Athos and became a student of the first hegumen of the St. Andrew's Skete, hieroschemamonk Vissarion (Tolmachev). After the elder's death in 1862, he was confirmed in the office of the hegumen.

Hegumen Theodorit headed the monastery for 25 years. Under him, St. Andrew's Cathedral was laid, majestic buildings were built, and a courtyard was opened. One of them is in Odesa, which before the First World War was a sea gate for pilgrimage to Palestine and Mount Athos.

The construction of St. Andrew's Skete began in Odesa in 1874. In 1886, the major construction works were completed, and in 1887, the interior decoration was completed. At this time, experiencing an extreme decline in strength after a long illness, Archimandrite Theodorit announced his desire to retire and in April 1887, hieroschemamonk Theoklit (Pozdeev) was elected rector.

Archimandrite Theodorit went to Odesa to inspect the new courtyard and to have a treatment. He was not destined to return to Mount Athos: the elder died in Odessa on August 10, 1887, and was buried in the new Christian cemetery.

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