In the Lviv region, three more churches were digitized on the off chance of destruction from shelling

01.11.2022, 11:00
St. Lawrence Church in Zhovkva - фото 1
St. Lawrence Church in Zhovkva
Photo source: Photos of old Lviv
Lviv region continues to digitize architectural monuments on the off chance of destruction due to Russian rocket attacks. SKEIRON company digitized three churches in Zhovkva.

This week it became known that three churches of Zhokva now also have their own 3D models. These are the Church of the Most Holy Heart of Christ, the Church of the Holy hieromartyr Josaphat and the Church of St. Lawrence.

The shrines were scanned with the financial support of the Polonika Institute and the Swiss Aliph Foundation as part of the #SaveUkrainianHeritage project.

"Working with cultural heritage sites is always interesting because you never know what you might encounter and what interesting things you will find. For example, in the Church of the Heart of Christ, we were surprised to see frescoes on religious and national themes. Fascinated, we returned to examine them several times. And in the Church of St. Lawrence, to scan the attic, we had to go up a very narrow passage – it's a little scary and unusual, but interesting," said Andriy Hryvnyak, co-founder of Skeiron.

Specialists devoted two days of work to each of the three scanned shrines: they installed one and a half to three hundred scanning stations, took from two to four thousand photos, depending on the specifics and detail of the temples.

Currently, the Skeiron team in Zhovkva is not planning to digitize any more sites.

"The most important monuments already have their own 3D copies-previously digitized: Zhovkva synagogue, Zhovkva Castle and the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Now this list has increased by three more churches: the Church of St. Lawrence, the churches of the Most Holy Heart of Christ and the Holy Hieromartyr Josaphat. But the list includes many valuable monuments of other localities in the Lviv region and even other regions of Ukraine," said Yuri Prepodobny, co-founder of Skeiron.

Here you can see what 3D models of recently digitized shrines look like:

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Skeiron has digitized 35 architectural sites of the Lviv region. Now experts are working on creating 3D models for 10 more sites.