“It is with your blessing that the churches are being destroyed,” - Poroshenko addresses Kirill in a ruined church

13.07.2022, 12:08
“It is with your blessing that the churches are being destroyed,” - Poroshenko addresses Kirill in a ruined church - фото 1
During a trip to the southern front, Petro Poroshenko visited a village that was completely destroyed by the Russians. The Fifth President made an emotional statement, addressed to the head of the Russian Church, Kirill Gundyaev.

"I'd like to send this video to the criminal Gundyaev. Upon your blessing, this is being done in Ukraine with churches, temples, which are the House of God, places, where people pray to the Lord," Poroshenko said, according to Censor.Net.

"No single person is left in this village because all civilian objects were destroyed by those criminals whom you bless to kill Ukrainians. And that is why I firmly believe that your clique should be sanctioned all over the world. You must bear responsibility – before you bear it before God, you must be prosecuted here on earth," Poroshenko said.

Petro Poroshenko also handed over military equipment to the defenders on the front line – in particular, communications equipment, Starlink units, diesel generators, and summer uniforms. "We do not disclose where this is, but we are doing everything possible to better equip those who will soon launch a counteroffensive in accordance with orders," Poroshenko said.

"We discussed that it is necessary to arm our military with drones. We need to find and bring electronic warfare equipment, including against Russian Orlan UAVs, drones for better coordination with artillery, and counter-battery equipment. Everything is done to ensure that the "gods of war" – artillery, so that the latest drone systems in clear coordination have a sufficient amount of ammunition, sufficient information about where to shoot, and destroy the enemy," Petro Poroshenko explains.

On April 26, Petro Poroshenko called on world leaders and the Ukrainian authorities to impose sanctions against the Russian Orthodox Church and its leader Gundyaev (Patriarch Kirill) for participating in war crimes and genocide of Ukrainians.

"During the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Russian Orthodox Church proved itself as an organization that is directly involved in war crimes and genocide of Ukrainians, along with Putin's politicians and war criminals. Primate Kirill has repeatedly publicly supported the crimes of the Russian Federation against our state, publicly "blessing" the aggressors. We call on the world to apply sanctions against the Russian Orthodox Church as an accomplice of terrorism and an accomplice to genocide, as well as against its primate and other representatives of the leadership. There is every reason to seize the property and accounts of the Russian Orthodox Church and its leadership located outside the Russian Federation and provide a mechanism for sending them to cover the costs of restoring Ukraine. And this should be done immediately," Poroshenko is confident.