Jews celebrate Shavuot – the feast of Pentecost and fruits

04.06.2022, 15:24
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Jews celebrate Shavuot – the feast of Pentecost and fruits - фото 1
In Ukrainian the word Shavuot means "7 weeks". Seven weeks after the release of the Jews from Egypt, the Lord appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai and gave the teaching of Torah.

Shavuot is one of the three main Jewish temple festivals. It is celebrated on the 6th day of the Hebrew month of Sivan. This year, this festival falls on 4 June.

As part of the Shavuot celebration, community abides by an ancient custom of studying Torah until late evening, or even all night.

By tradition, on the feast of Shavuot the Testament of the Jewish people with God is confirmed. Then during worship the Ten Commandments are read and the importance of lifetime Torah study. Every Jew and the whole community renew its commitment to be the people of the Covenant.

On Shavuot the book of Ruth (Ruth Mehilat) is read, which tells the history of a Moabitess women called Ruth, who did not abandon her old mother in law Naomi after her husband's death, and returned with her back to the land of Israel, where she converted to the Jewish faith. King David was Ruth’s descendant, one of the books of the Tanach was named in her honor. Jewish teachers saw an analogy between the voluntary adoption of Judaism by Ruth and adoption of Torah by Jewish people.

On this day, homes and the synagogues are decorated with greenery and fresh flowers. This greenery is reminiscent of the ancient practice of bringing the first fruits for a blessing to the Jerusalem Temple. It also symbolizes hope for a generous harvest.

On Shavuot Jews also observe a tradition of going on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.