"Killing Ukrainians on their land is not jihad! This is the road to hell" - Anzor Maskhadov

28.10.2022, 10:30
Ukraine and world
"Killing Ukrainians on their land is not jihad! This is the road to hell" - Anzor Maskhadov - фото 1
This is not jihad if you went to a foreign land and, moreover, fight for the interests of the country that has killed your people for centuries. In just 30 years, Russia has killed more than 300,000 Chechens in a war started by Yeltsin and then Putin.

Anzor Maskhadov, the son of the former president of the Republic of Ichkeria, wrote this on the pages of the media outlet OBOZREVATEL.

"When the enemy invades your territory, and you defend your home, your people, your native land, this is your holy war — this is Jihad.

Putin's puppet and personal servant, Kadyrov, went mad and said that the war against Ukraine is a great jihad. He began his address with a wish for peace and ended with promises — "we will not take prisoners, we will burn them", speaking about the Ukrainians.

Does it resemble a holy war? Does this sound like an action approved by Allah?

"We will not stop. We will kill them. With pleasure, " says Russia's henchman Kadyrov. That said, he swears by the name of the Almighty.

How frivolous is Kadyrov to treat faith – turning to Allah for no reason, taking oaths in the name of Allah, realizing the falsity of his words. There is no redemption for such a sin! For this, he will be asked on the day of judgment. And not only for this, of course.

"We will not stop anywhere, and our territory is not Zaporizhzhia or Kherson. Our territory is Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and all regions. In general, Ukraine is our Russian territory. We decided not to defend, but to attack," although he has no brain, he knows how to fantasize.

At the same time, Kadyrov hints at Europe, saying that both there are "shaitans" and there he was ready to send his serfs.

This is the madness of a madman who throws Chechen youth into the hell of war for the sake of his skin!

Kadyrov's vows, of course, are worthless. And his words should not be taken seriously. But such statements disgrace the very word Jihad, which is interpreted not as the rule of Muslims over the whole world but as diligence on the path to Allah! Territorial expansion is not jihad! "Killing Ukrainians on their land is not jihad! This is more of a road to hell if you take the side of the murderer of your people — Putin and go to give your life for this bloodsucker.

Jihad is not a war with Ukraine. Jihad is when you are looking for good for the people, when you are looking for peace for them, and their security guarantees. This is a struggle for independence from a country like Russia. This is the idea of Ichkeria, which has always stood up and fought for peace," Anzor Maskhadov sums up.