Kyiv Church of St. Nicholas will be restored using a unique German technology

16.12.2021, 14:16
Kyiv Church of St. Nicholas will be restored using a unique German technology - фото 1
The active stage of restoration of the Church of St. Nicholas in Kyiv, which was damaged by a fire in September 2021, has begun.

This is reported by Glavkom.

For the restoration, for the first time in Ukraine, the technology of gentle cleaning of the surface of fragile decorative elements developed by a German Research Institute will be used. This was stated by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachenko.

"Emergency response work is a very delicate matter. Limited deadlines and accelerated pace of execution should not affect the quality of work, which is why much attention is paid to technology and taking into account foreign experience. And, do not forget that we are talking about an architectural monument of national significance – and, therefore, the responsibility is many times higher," he said.

During the week, the restorers carried out preparatory work, cleared garbage, made protective metal structures for Windows, dismantled and stored chandeliers.

Currently, the installation of protective structures of Windows affected by high temperatures continues. Also, specialists are preparing to clean the internal surfaces and install scaffolding.

To clean the most affected decorative elements of the church as carefully and carefully as possible, Remmers GmbH technology will be used for the first time in Ukraine. It allows you to deeply clean sensitive materials such as stucco, ceramics, marble, natural stone, gypsum, polished wood, etc. without mechanical impact.

The same technology was used to restore outstanding monuments in Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain. The manufacturer gave all the necessary components of the cleaning mixture to the Church of St. Nicholas free of charge.

On September 3, a short circuit occurred in the church's organ, which led to a fire and the destruction of the instrument.

In early December, the emergency response work was reported to be launched in the Church of St. Nicholas in Kyiv. They will be performed by Ukrspetsrestavratsiya LLC.

Approximately, the work will last from December 2021 to January 2022.

The estimated cost of eliminating the consequences of the fire is UAH 19.5 million. The funds for the restoration of the church were allocated by benefactors – citizens of Ukraine and businesses.

The Church of St. Nicholas will be transferred to the use of the Roman Catholic community on June 1, 2022.