Lviv’s Golden Rose Synagogue To Be Restored

11.04.2001, 15:26
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Lviv’s Jewish community is committed to restoring its Golden Rose synagogue, destroyed during World War Two. Both the Ukrainian government and the German government have indicated their desire to help in the restoration.

The religious life of the large Jewish community in Lviv was halted by the Nazi occupation of the 1940s. With Ukrainian independence in 1991, the members of the community enthusiastically began reviving their religious and cultural institutions.

One of the former centers of Jewish religious life, the Golden Rose synagogue was located in Lviv’s historical–architectural district. Consequently, the Ukrainian government placed it on the list of historical sites in need of restoration.

During the recent World Council of Great Cities held in Jerusalem, Vasyl Kuibida, the mayor of Lviv, met with representatives of the Israeli government and former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. They discussed the possibility of supporting the restoration project.

The German government also announced that it is prepared to offer some funding to help in the re-building effort. Michael Goldman, head of the regional community of Progressive Jews, affirmed: «With or without the help of Germany, the synagogue will be restored, whether the costs come from the World Council of Progressive Jews or from the efforts of the 7000 Jews who live in Lviv.»