Maltese Cross To Organize Charity Event For Children

06.11.2002, 16:07
The Maltese Cross, a charitable aid society, is planning to organize their sixth consecutive charity event for orphaned children, entitled “St. Nicholas.” This news was reported by the Maltese Cross press service on 5 November 2002.

The organization has already received the blessing of Cardinal Husar, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, for the successful organization of this event. Last year, 4,658 orphans and children from poor families received presents from St. Nicholas as part of the Maltese Cross project. All these children live in the Lviv region and study in 36 specialized educational institutions throughout the area. Parishioners from Lviv and the Lviv region collected approximately 2,500 presents. More than 210 enterprises and companies also took part in the project and made charitable contributions. This year, over 20 youth organizations will participate in the event, including “Obnova,” a society of Ukrainian Catholic students, Plast, the Ukrainian scouts, “Moloda Prosvita” (Young Education), “The Children of Jesus,” and others. Source: