“Moscow Patriarchate will be condemned by all men and the entire Christian world,” – Fr. Georgy Kovalenko

21.03.2022, 10:58
“Moscow Patriarchate will be condemned by all men and the entire Christian world,” – Fr. Georgy Kovalenko - фото 1
"What Patriarch Kirill is currently preaching and what the Moscow Patriarchate is doing has nothing to do with Christianity and Orthodoxy. I spoke to many theologians of the world and all of them agree that the Moscow Patriarchate will face human condemnation and that of the entire Christian world," Fr. Georgy Kovalenko, rector of the Open Orthodox University of St Sophia-Wisdom said in an interview during the National Marathon "Ukraine, We Are Together".

When asked whether the Church would anathematize Putin, that is, excommunicate him from the Church, the priest said:

"Putin's actions have already excommunicated him from Christianity, together with those who bless him for this war. It would be good if there were verdicts that provide for punishment, and punishment involves repentance. However, this repentance should be sincere, not just in words. Anathema is also possible as a form of punishment."

The archpriest noted that it is strange when the Russian World destroys most of the churches of the UOC-MP, whose churches it allegedly came to protect.

"More than 44 churches were destroyed, as official statistics demonstrate. I know for sure that there are more because these statistics do not include 10 churches in the Sumy region. These are houses of worship, mosques, synagogues, but most of the destroyed temples are MP temples."

Regarding the UOC-MP and the very ideology of the "Russian World", Fr. Georgy Kovalenko said:

"The Orthodox Church of Ukraine and other Churches are united and condemn the Moscow Patriarchate, and certain processes are taking place among it. The hybrid coexistence of alleged patriots and defenders of the "Russian World" is impossible. Now many priests of the MP are determined and ready to join the OCU. There are those who are ready to pray together and, unfortunately, those who welcome the invaders. We see the component of the MP that collaborates with the occupier, those who consciously join the occupiers in order to fire and cooperate. It's a crime, it's a sin. The one who indulges violence, the destruction of his people - he commits a sin. And the Russian World is also heresy. The concept of the "Russian World" is not Christian, Orthodox, or human. It should be condemned as opposed to Christianity. Orthodox theologians have explained in detail why the Russian World concept of the Moscow Patriarchate is not Orthodox."

He urged us to pray for our defenders.