Muslims will defend Ukraine with more than prayers, - Mufti said Ismagilov

03.02.2022, 09:10
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Muslims will defend Ukraine with more than prayers, - Mufti said Ismagilov - фото 1
One of the Muslim spiritual leaders of Ukraine, Said Ismagilov, said that journalists of the Spanish TV channel TVE, and the Sky News Channel from the UK today asked whether Muslims would defend Ukraine, and how they would defend against Russian aggression.

"We will defend Javelin, NLAW, with unrestrained rage and prayers. Prayers are absolutely needed!" Ismagilov replied. He wrote about it on his Facebook page.

He also added that among European countries, only in Ukraine do Muslims take an active part in public life and do not separate themselves from the country and its problems. And in most European countries, Muslims are emigrants who have only recently arrived there, are poorly integrated into society, and do not feel unity and responsibility for the state. Therefore, foreigners are often interested in the phenomenon of Muslims in Ukraine.

Background information
Sheikh Said Ismagilov is the Mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Umma”, one of the Muslim spiritual leaders of Ukraine, President of the NGO “Ukrainian Center for Islamic Studies”, Chairman of the Muslim community “Nur” of Donetsk, member of the Donetsk city public organization “Al-Amal”. Ukrainian Islamic scholar, member of the Donetsk regional branch of the Ukrainian Association of religious scholars (UAR), member of the Board of the Center for Religious Studies and international spiritual relations, member of the Council of churches and religious organizations of the Donetsk region, lecturer in theological and religious studies disciplines of the Ukrainian Islamic University (2001-2002), a well-known public figure.

He considers his main task to educate the Muslims of Ukraine as an integral part of Ukrainian society.