NAPC adds Patriarch Kirill and Putin's confessor to the candidate list for sanctions

NAPC adds Patriarch Kirill and Putin's confessor to the candidate list for sanctions - фото 1
The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) has prepared new lists of 3,423 people and 545 companies of the Russian Federation that support the war. The rehabilitation list now includes Gundyaev (Patriarch Kirill), "Putin's confessor" – Metropolitan Tikhon and others. They are recognized as those who support Russia's war in Ukraine.

This is reported by Glavkom citing the press service of the NACP.

This is the eighth list of "candidates" for international sanctions since the beginning of the war, which the NACP sent to the Office of the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These include:

companies that produce and supply weapons for the Russian army;
family members of MPs of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and senators of the Federation Council;
influential businessmen, their family members, and their own companies;
heads of territorial authorities;
leaders of public associations engaged in "military-patriotic education of young people";
representatives of the clergy who support the war in Ukraine;
propaganda media companies and their management;
propagandists and artists who publicly express their support for the war in Ukraine.

In particular, the following persons were added to the lists:

Vladimir Gundyaev, better known as Patriarch Kirill, who, among other things, recently stated that "Russia has never attacked anyone";
"Putin's confessor" - Metropolitan Tikhon, one of the most influential priests in Russia;
Putin's favorite singer is Nikolai Rastorguev;
opera singer Anna Netrebko;
Polina Gagarina, Anna Semyonovich, Vladimir Presnyakov, who perform concerts in support of the war in Ukraine;
Mosfilm CEO Karen Shakhnazarov, who supported the Russian invasion in public statements;
other artists, including Rodion Gazmanov, Evgeny Petrosyan, singers Valeria and Jasmine, Sergey Glushko (Tarzan), and Olga Buzova.

The lists also include media companies that actively spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda in Russia – Channel One, NTV, Tsargrad.