NSDC should ban the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine, - Yuriy Chornomorets

16 May, 12:40
NSDC should ban the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine, - Yuriy Chornomorets - фото 1
As long as the UOC-MP prefers to stay under Moscow on the 78th day of the war (the day of the Synod — ed.) and allege being persecuted on the territory of Ukraine, they are actually participating in the information war of Russia against Ukraine on the side of Moscow.

Religious scholar and doctor of philosophy Yuri Chornomorets talked about this on Ukrainian Radio.

The religious scholar recalls that when Putin made his huge statement about recognizing the so-called DPR and LPR and explaining the "special operation", he said that one of the reasons was the persecution of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine.

Yuri Chornomorets notes: "they (representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate — ED.) have not said anything that they are against Putin going to defend them. On the contrary, they supported this Putin myth that he is going to fight here for some kind of Moscow Orthodoxy. If they have Moscow Orthodoxy, for which Putin is fighting, please let them go to Muscovy, they are free people. They all hope that people like Kirill Tymoshenko (Yermak's deputy) will cover for them. Kirill Tymoshenko acts as a lawyer that the Moscow Patriarchy should not be touched. In general, I see that the Moscow Patriarchate behaves in such a way that it is necessary to make a decision of the national security and Defense Council to ban the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine, that all communities and monasteries should self-determine, that is, either join the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, which would be canonically correct or form their own new government bodies.

But it is already obvious that without this episcopate, which has completely compromised itself, or at least for sure without these members of the Synod, who generally acted as a kind of Stalinist Politburo and do not understand the time or place at all, but simply fight informationally on the side of Russia, supporting Russian myths about the situation that exists here. This should not be allowed. You need to respond to this immediately. This is an absolute challenge and a slap in the face, including for the defenders who protect them, these people in white hats."

He believes that such people who support the aggressor have no place in Ukraine at all, such people have no right to lead any community of Orthodox people in Ukraine.

"Orthodox priests should proceed from their subordination, should support the initiative to condemn Patriarch Kirill. In a few days, 437 priests signed a huge lawsuit against the Ecumenical Patriarch and other ancient patriarchs to condemn Kirill as Patriarch Nikon was once convicted of heresy. And indeed, there is something to blame for. I think that the Orthodox Church of Ukraine is silent in vain. She should have supported this claim. Archbishop Yevstratiy and Metropolitan Epifaniy did not understand that it was necessary to support this claim about the heresy of Patriarch Kirill and about the Conciliar universal condemnation of him, because the world's Orthodox theologians signed a declaration on the Russian World as a heresy a few months ago," the religious scholar said.