OCU priest from Borodyanka said he was sold out to rushists by a priest of the UOC-MP

13 May, 09:10
OCU priest from Borodyanka said he was sold out to rushists by a priest of the UOC-MP - фото 1
Viktor Talko, a priest of the Moscow Patriarchate in Borodyanka, “handed over” his colleague from the OCU — including his place of residence-to the Russians during the occupation. In addition, he helped the Russians take people to Belarus under the guise of evacuation. Talco denies collaboration.

This is stated in the account of the British media, The Guardian, Kyiv.media reports.

Father Dmytro Koshka, the rector of the Church of the Nativity of the Most-Holy Theotokos of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, accuses father Viktor Talko, archpriest of the UOC-MP, rector of the Church of Archangel Michael. He says that 67-year-old Talko informed Russian soldiers about his whereabouts at the height of the occupation on March 2.

"I got a call from the territorial defense fighters because I am also a member of the territorial defense of Borodyanka. They said they were asking me to leave my house because the Moscow priest received Russian soldiers and cooperated with them," he says.

The next day, Koshka went to the village of Piskiska, 15 miles northwest of Borodyanka.

"The Territorial Defense told me that when Russian soldiers came to the church to look for me, they showed everyone all my personal data, even my passport data. They had all the information about me. I used to be a deputy of the city council. And this is access to the public information about me. But the Russian soldiers would never have found this, they were assisted by a Russian priest. He provided them with all this information. I know him very well," Koshka suspects.

The priest of the OCU says that the UOC-MP minister collaborated with the invaders.

"He sheltered them (the Russian soldiers – ed.) in his church. He then placed their military equipment on his farm. His son helped with this. After that, he prepared food for them, fed them, and they spent the night there. In short, he met them as his closest friends. Everyone knows about it, and everyone has seen it," says Fr Koshka.

However, the most serious crime, according to Fr Dmytro, was that Talko used his status to trick people who tried to evacuate. Local residents received a text message from an anonymous number inviting them to come to the Church of Fr. Talko for evacuation. But they were not told that their destination was Belarus.

"The SBU deals with him because he helped transport people to Belarus, more than 100 people,” says Fr Dmytro Koshka TalKo, he added, was not a priest, but "a wolf in sheep's clothing."

OCU priest from Borodyanka said he was sold out to rushists by a priest of the UOC-MP - фото 93069
Fr. Viktor Talko


The priest of the UOC-MP, who was met by journalists, angrily denied most of the statements of the priest of the OCU. He called his fellow priest "mentally ill" and said that he wanted to incite hostility.

Talko claims that he is unfairly accused of being an agent of the Russian army because of the historical ties between his denomination and Moscow. He claims that he tried to help local residents only by asking for food from the Russians, and denied that he had informed the invaders about Fr Koshka.

The rector of the UOC-MP Church confirms that he helped evacuate 80 people to Belarus. But at the same time, he allegedly helped with the evacuation to the West.