Odessa Rabbi Avraham Wolf urges Israel to support Ukraine

07 February, 16:00
Ukraine and world
Odessa Rabbi Avraham Wolf urges Israel to support Ukraine - фото 1
Rabbi Avraham Wolf, leader of the Chabad Shomrei Shabbos Jewish community in Odessa, wrote a letter to the head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry asking for support.

This is reported by Jewish News.

The letter was written due to the fact that the political situation between Ukraine and Russia has worsened. The rabbi asked Israel for support for Ukraine.

Rabbi Avraham Wolf wrote that over 30 years of diplomatic relations, Ukraine and Israel have achieved maximum success. Ukrainians have a positive attitude towards Israel and cooperation with this country.

"We need support, assistance and strengthening of close relations between Jews living in the Land of Israel with the Jewish community of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people with whom we live," wrote Rabbi Abraham Wolf.

The letter expresses the hope that Israel will extend a hand of support to Ukraine, thereby further strengthening diplomatic relations.