"One thing saved us: Kirill convinced Putin it was impossible," - Poroshenko about receiving the Tomos

02.11.2020, 11:32
Petro Poroshenko believes that it was possible to get the Tomos during his presidency due to God's will, the desire of Ukrainians, the support of MPs, the personal trust of Patriarch Bartholomew and the loss of vigilance on the part of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


In the show, "Goncharenko Drives", which is broadcast on Channel 5, the fifth president and leader of the "European solidarity" Party shared the details of receiving the Tomos by the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

"A large number of hierarchs of our Churches, who sincerely wanted this to happen, told me: "do not trust Byzantium." You have invested all your authority, all your life, into the chance that you may receive the Tomos and be prepared for the opposite, that you do not receive the Tomos... So many times, the Tomos was under threat... We were saved by one thing: Kirill (Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church – Ed.) convinced Putin it was totally impossible. So, they viewed all of that as childish games. And when God vouchsafed that we got it, they couldn't do anything about it," the politician said.