"One's political likes or dislikes should not affect justice," the OCU states.

12.06.2020, 12:50
Tomos of autocephaly of the OCU - фото 1
Tomos of autocephaly of the OCU
The clergymen of the OCU express deep concern about the crisis of confidence in one of the most crucial state institutions – justice and believe that law enforcement agencies should not be guided by political sympathies or antipathies in their activities.

This is noted in their statement.

According to the clergy, the justice system must adhere to the principles of the rule of law and consider the principle of presumption of innocence.

"Distrust of justice significantly undermines the international authority of Ukraine. We remember how the prosecution of opposition figures in President Yanukovich's tenure was a constant focus of attention and was subject to fair criticism from democratic countries and international institutions," the statement notes.

Representatives of the OCU note that they do not intend to interfere in the investigations and legal proceedings, where the responsibility lies with the state.

"We, as a Church, are forced to pay attention to the fact that recently persistently, especially in the media associated with the aggressor country, the idea is being held that the various charges that are being pressed against the fifth President of Ukraine, P. Poroshenko, have some connection with his role as head of state in promoting the unification of Churches, the formation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and its receipt of the Tomos from the Ecumenical Patriarch.

That having said, it is evident that any political motivation in the activities of law enforcement agencies and the initiation of criminal cases, in particular against the fifth President of Ukraine, is unacceptable," the authors of the document emphasize.

"Moreover, it will be dangerous for civil peace in the conditions of Russian aggression, when the aggressor country is ready to use any conflicts inside Ukraine to harm our state and to achieve its goals in a hybrid war.

In every democratic society, there is always a different attitude to politicians – someone supports them, and others do not. But it is an axiom of democracy that political likes or dislikes do not affect justice. Deviation from this axiom always leads to deviation from democracy," the clergymen of the OCU add.