‘Orthodox brother’ Lomachenko is invited to Russia with bread and salt

21.10.2020, 14:19
‘Orthodox brother’ Lomachenko is invited to Russia with bread and salt - фото 1
The Russian Boxing Federation has supported Vasyl Lomachenko as he lost to Teofimo Lopez in a fight for the title of absolute world lightweight champion.

This was stated by the Secretary-General of the Russian Boxing Federation, Umar Kremlyov, on Instagram, according to Espresso.

According to him, Lomachenko was needed by everyone while he was winning, and after the defeat, they turned their backs on him.

"I want to answer all the haters of Vasyl Lomachenko. Lomachenko is the pride of the boxing community! This is a two-time Olympic champion. He has forever written his name in the history of boxing. I think the fight was controversial, the victory was given to Lopez, but this does not mean that Vasyl should be insulted and criticized for this, no one has the right to do so. Perhaps this is the favorite thing of loyal soldiers of the "sofa troops" - to bully others. After all, when Vasyl won, everyone needed him, but now he has lost - and everyone turns their backs. That's no good. I am inviting Vasyl to Russia, we will always welcome our Orthodox brother with bread and salt!" writes Kremlyov.

After he was defeated by Lopez, Lomachenko dropped to the seventh position in the ranking of the best boxers in the world.